11934-165-4113-RED Pair of Pegs Knuckleduster Alluminum Red for all models

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V-Twin GREU Pegs

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Κωδικός προϊόντος: 11934-165-4113-RED Κατηγορία:


V-Twin GREU Pegs KnuckledustersExpose the highlight of raw ALUMINUMEasy to install back to original position,no modification needed.
Specification:Product name : V-Twin GREU Harley Davidson Pegs KnuckledusterMaterial: Solid AluminumColor:redDesign:KNUCKLEDUSTER
Dimensions : length 100mm width 60mm height 17mm
Fitment :Fits all Harley Davidson Models with OEM PegsPackage Included :2 X Pegs 2X Bolts 2X Axles

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