2520-3629-LIFTXL Sportster 8 Allen Bolts 1/4 Lifter Covers w/washers Gold-Plated 14k

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Our Company V-TWIN GREU designed and created a range of Parts and Accesssories like point and derby covers,kicker pedals,exhaust mufflers,gaskets,lubricants,brake Pads and discs  for the Harley Davidson models SPORTSTER,DYNA, SOFTAIL AND TOURING.

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Derby and Point covers are available in chrome,black denim,black gloss,coppered and gold-plated.All desigs with SWAROFSKI stones are handmade and produced after special order.
Covers with SWAROVSKI Stones are CNC-Machined and also handmaded.Real Jewellery for your Harley-Davidson.New desings and your designs can be ordered with additional charges for the special order.

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